Non Terminum

Zbigniew Stępniak, as a concertante, in the East and West, singer is the creator of the band "Non terminum". This name is translated as "Without boundaries", because music knows no borders - it has to connect people - and that's the purpose of it as the creator and the whole team.
The band consists of musicians from Poland, Switzerland, Belarus and Russia.

Cooperating musicians:
Irina Grachowska (Belarus) – piano
Wiera Łatyszewa (Belarus) – piano
Dymitr Kazeka (Belarus) – bayan
Aleksandr Woroniszcze (Belarus) – balalaika
Florian Burgener (Switzerland) – trumpet, flugelhorn, alphorn
Sandra Pfammatter (Switzerland) – Pan flute
Tatjana Stucky (Switzerland) – Pan flute

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